The ethos of Still Space Therapy is that life is for living. For us this means knowing and accepting yourself and considering thoughtfully how to live in the world.

Life throws up all sorts of difficult and painful experiences: loss, addiction, bereavement, depression, broken or complicated relationships, stress, anxiety, guilt, anger, and usually more than one of these at once.

How can you respond to life when feeling overwhelmed?

Therapy can offer a space in which an ongoing deepening conversation takes place between two people. Our role, as the therapist, is to listen, respond, help you to think and make sense of what has happened or is happening. We will walk with you through your process of expressing and exploring the traumatic or difficult experiences you have had.

The way in which people experience their relationships and suffering is often to do with how things have been in the past in terms of early experiences and relationships. Exploring what’s happening now, in the context of what’s happened before, can allow painful emotions to be examined and understood. 

Therapy can offer the support needed for a process of healing to begin or continue. 

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