1. Tony, Helen and Sally are members of UKCP, the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy. They are also members of the Southern Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (SAFPAC). They abide by the ethical codes of the associations to which they belong. 

2. Tony, Helen and Sally are adult psychotherapists and only work as therapists with people who are over the age of 18 years.

3. Tony, Helen and Sally charge £70 pounds for each individual therapy session but will increase each year in January. It is expected that the fee is paid within seven days of each therapy session or invoice (as agreed with your therapist). Alternative arrangements for payment timings can be made by agreement.

4. Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes. 

5. Usually, Tony Helen and Sally will arrange to meet with you once a week at a set time each week. That will be your particular session time and it will be expected that you pay for that session whether or not you can attend. Your therapist will not charge for four weeks of absence of therapy that you take, provided that you give your therapist one weeks’ notice of that absence.

6. If your psychotherapist is not able to attend your session, no payment will be expected. Most therapists take between four and eight weeks holiday a year. No payment will be expected when the therapist is on holiday. 

7. Tony, Helen and Sally acknowledge that for some people it will not be practically possible to meet at the same time every week and therefore will arrange individual sessions going forward on a more flexible basis. This would be to take into account matters like shift work, or any illness or disability with which you or a person that you care for are living.

8. Tony, Helen and Sally are able to offer in person, telephone or online sessions by Zoom or similar. Tony is based in Liverpool. Helen is based in Brighton and Sally is based in West London.

9. If there is anything that you need that will help to assist your visit, please do feel free to discuss that in advance with your therapist. Tony, Helen and Sally will do their best to assist.

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